In-context theological training and resources for the local church. From new believers to church leaders, Crosslands exists to serve you as you grow in Christ and reach out in mission and ministry, in all of life, whoever and wherever you are.

There are many good theological institutions in the UK and parts of Europe already; we praise God for the work that they do. But Crosslands’ training provision is distinctive in several ways. Our desire and commitment to be grounded in God’s Word, to delight in Christ, and to love the Church and the lost have all shaped our ethos, our curriculum and our blended learning model.

Crosslands Seminary self-study training courses and resources are designed to support you across a lifetime of ministry, mission and leadership.

  • Tim Chester
    Dr. Tim Chester

    Tim Chester is a pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, a faculty member of Crosslands. He is the author of over 30 books and commentaries including You Can Change and A Meal with Jesus, as well as being co-author of Total Church.

  • Dan Strange
    Dr. Dan Strange

    Dan Strange is Acting Principal at Oak Hill Theological College, lecturing in Culture, Religion and Public Theology and part of the Crosslands faculty. With a PhD from Bristol University, he leads a North London church and is married to Elly with seven children. His most recent monograph is For Their Rock is Not as Our Rock: An Evangelical Theology of Religions.