Foundation: Culture

Foundation: Culture

A biblical understanding of culture equips us to engage popular culture sensitively and creatively. This course equips us to decode culture from a gospel perspective, and helps us to see how every ‘story’ intersects the greatest story ever told.

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20-25 hours

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Understanding culture is a complex task. Christians have to find points of connection and difference with their cultural context to present the gospel clearly. This course helps with that task but goes further to show us how to do that creatively. This course will stretch you to think biblically and creatively about popular culture. It provides you with a theological tool kit to engage with film, music and computer games.

Course Overview

  • Unit 1. Key terms: culture, worldview, religion
  • Unit 2. A biblical understanding of culture
  • Unit 3. Engaging with apologetics: A case of myth-taken identity
  • Unit 4. False starts: perspectives that hinder cultural engagement
  • Unit 5. Engaging popular culture: popologetics
  • Unit 6. Popologetics workshop 1: Jonsi's music video, "Go Do"
  • Unit 7. Popologetics workshop 2: The indie romantic comedy, Ruby Sparks
  • Unit 8. Popologetics workshop 3: The first-person shooter video game Bioshock Infinite
  • Unit 9. Summary and conclusion

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Ted Turnau
Ted Turnau

Ted teaches cultural and religious studies at the Anglo-American University and cultural studies at the Center for Media Studies at Charles University in Prague. Ted's married to Carolyn, and they have three children, three cats and one rabbit. Ted writes and speaks about faith and culture, and in 2012 published his first book, Popologetics: Popular Culture in Christian Perspective. He's currently working on two other books: one on engaging popular culture with kids, and one on engaging post-Christian culture creatively. Ted enjoys jazz, blues and roots music, good film and television, American football, Japanese samurai and kaiju movies, and anime.